Friday, September 26, 2003

Everything piles up at once.

On my plate right now are the following victuals:

Henry, my little guy who is due sometime around January 10.

My band UncleFucker just got booked for a 2-month tour with a band called Mindless Self Indulgence. National Tour!! Playin' The Whiskey in Hollywood!

It is now a given that my job will be phased out by June at the latest, and may well be gone by the time i get back from tour.

These three developments mean:
I have to write a letter requesting a leave of absence.
I have to sort my bills and next 2 months mortgage payments out NOW.
I have to fill out my family/medical leave forms, NOW.
I have to make arrangements for my paycheck to be deposited into my account.
I have be prepared to take on a double workload in the weeks ahead in order to take the load off my editor.
I have to figure out how much wil be covered by vacation time and how much time I'll have to take.
oy oy oy. and my friend and fellow Flat Possum Boy, banjo player nik fox is moving to fuckign Portland Maine. What the fuckety fuck fuck fuck?