Friday, September 12, 2003

So sad, so predictable, and so embarrassing: Quick Help With Iraq Unlikely, U.S. Says
Some banner points:
The Bush administration is warning that significant international help will not come quickly even if Powell strikes a deal at the Security Council.
Donald H. Rumsfeld told senators this week that the bill for postwar reconstruction in Iraq was expected to run $55 billion more than the $87 billion President Bush sought by Bush.
Hopes of further financial contributions are sinking.
But my favorite paragraph is this one:

When senators asked how Powell and Rumsfeld thought they could fill the gap, "they looked at each other and there was sort of an embarrassing pause," a Senate official said. "Powell said maybe we'll get a few hundred million from Europe [the European Union] and maybe a little help from Japan."

Hee hee hee. Indeed.
I have been saying for some time now, it's not the evil so much as it is the stupidity. These guys make Dr. Evil look a frikkin' genius. Throw me a bone, people!