Tuesday, September 30, 2003

A fine piece on the Wilson scandal from democracy now.
Goodness gracious, i'm enjoying this. Everyone should be reading talking points memo. Josh Marshall bit onto this story with the tenacity of a pit bull. For about three weeks he was the only one writing anything, and then this Sunday:BLAMMO, the Washington Post and MSNBC break the story.
As counterspin points out, new legislations (aka USA PATRIOT act) makes it legal to hold journalists in contempt for not revealing confidential sources.
See the thing that's funny about conservatives is that they're so arrogant, they can never seem to grasp that what goes around comes around. So don't talk, Novak. I wanna see you sitting in a jail cell you fat fuck.

UPDATE! At least one journalist has fingered Rove has being the caller, at least to Julian Borger in the Guardian (thanks to John Salmon, who got this from atrios. John, by the way, runs a great site called sugar in the gourd: all old time, all the time.
And goodness gracious, even the right wing nutjobs at newsmax are pissed off about this!