Thursday, September 11, 2003

So hard to watch, so necessary to watch: the latest Take Back the Media flash: Bush Knew, And Did Nothing.
While you're there, take a look at the campaign the have against Showtime, for that absurd and offensive 9/11 movie they have made, written by a Bush shill, depicting Bush as a macho leader (when as we all know, he and fellow chickenhawk Dick Cheney were running like hell).
Good opportunity to write a letter to the Showtime folks there too; TBM has the links.

As a matter of fact, I myself wrote a letter: second one today.

Bush movie: attention Matthew Banks, Jerry Offsay
I am upset and perturbed by your decision to air a fictionalized account of George Bush's activities on 9/11, not least because I lost friends in the attacks.
It is widely known that Mr. Bush was flying scared around the country after the attacks, and as a matter of fact spent a half-hour after hearing of the attacks reading stories to kindergartners. We didn't see our leader when we needed him most. This is a matter of historical televised record. What you are doing is nothing short of Orwellian, and it disgusts and frightens me. It is becoming apparent that the war in Iraq was predicated on distortions and perhaps even lies: why do you want to prostitute your otherwise fine network to the service of government propaganda? This is an insult to every person who lost a loved on in those towers and you should be ashamed of yourselves. this program should not be aired at all, and certainly not without frequent disclaimers that it is a fictionalized account: the movie has already been reviewed on Slate by one of the September 11 widows, and she was scathing.
I am forwarding this letter to my family, friends, and to my local newspaper urging people to turn off Showtime. Have you no shame at all that you would try to profit from the tragic and needless deaths of your countrymen? Have you no personal morality?
Sirs, I would pray for you but it is clear you have no souls and no compassion. Someday you will choke on your bile, and it will taste like money.
Brendan Skwire

I got a response

DC 9/11: TIME OF CRISIS is a docudrama based on extensive research, as well as numerous interviews with those who were present during the hours and days that followed the tragedy. It is the freedom to express ourselves that we as Americans enjoy that not only gives you the undeniable right to disagree with the viewpoints in this film, but also enables SHOWTIME to present other opinions that are equally valid and protected.

which generated a response

Your response is unacceptable. Are you actually
saying that reported fact is nothing more than a
statement of opinion? Because if you are, you have an
overly broad definition of opinion.
"The World Trade Center was attacked and 3000 people
died" is not a matter of opinion; it is a matter of
fact. Your representation of Mr. Bush and his actions
during this time is not a matter of fact: it is a
fiction. It is not even really docudrama, because the
story presented is not presnted objectively. The man
who wrote that movie is a deeply consrrvative
republican who has close ties to the adminsitration:
this is nothing but a piece of propaganda, but without
the kitsch of Leni Riefenstahl. When you bend the
facts to suit your opinions you are distorting the
Considering that Bush has gone to the lengths of
stymying, via executive order, 28 pages of an
investigation into the failures of 9/11 that would
have embarrassed his administration and family,
considering that he has not even gone to ONE MILITARY
FUNERAL, considering his wife won't even meet with the
widows of 9/11, it is wrong that Showtime play part in
some sort of mythologizing of this man. Your
presentation of Mr. Bush as a hero is as fabricated as
his march on the USS Lincoln.
I am going to continue to argue this point with you;
and I will make sure I forward your response to as
many people as possible.
I am very angry with Showtime. Your response is
neither adequate nor intelligent, not does it take
itno account Showtimes power as a media outlet.
Sirs, where is your shame? Why are you taking the
blood of innocent Americans and using it to write
"Triumph of the Will"?
brendan skwire

ahhh,. the joys of polemic....