Monday, November 03, 2003

We stayed at Connie's house just outside of tampa a few days ago. it was in the high 80s, and Connie and her wonderful boyfriend Chris live right across the street from the ocean. jamie and i swilled coffee, and ran right across the street to dive in. The water was heavenly, the salt licking at my back, the waves crashing in my face. We got out of the water ans pent an hour or so talking to a couple of sweeties in bikinis, 27-year-old natalie, and jessica, who looked about 30-something. i was thinking Nat was the cuter, but when she got up, my balls told me the real love was with jessica. A big girl, with large breasts, a soft belly, and that cute little bellybutoon winking proudly at the world. her hips were overflowing with sex, and she looked like a blonde Salome. All I could think about was how nice it would be to lay her out on the sofa, and put my face between those lustily jiggling thighs. i wanted to fuck her, wanted to fuck anyone. AGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

een hanging out with Sabrina from Tub Ring lately. she's in the same boat as me: she's got a boyfriend at home, is used to having regular sex, and isn't big on cheating. "Do you know what it's like to go from having sex whenever you want it to having no sex at all?" Goodness gracious, I sympathize with her. And the way these kids dress for the MSI shows, they might as well be naked. It's painful sometimes to see all these ripe breasts facing me, but then when i start talkign to the owner of the breasts, I realize she's just 15 and any desire disappears immediately.
Complain as i might about not getting any pussy, it's also true that when I'm on tour my libido plummets: this is probably going into the realm of "too much information" but since october 21, I've jerked off once, and even then it was to help me get to sleep. And there's now ay I'm getting myself into some pointless affair while melissa's waiting for me in Montreal. Nope: just wait. the anticipation makes it better.

Time to get ont he road again. Hope to post more later....