Saturday, March 27, 2004

I had a yummy Vietnamese tofu hoagie for lunch today: seasoned tofu on a hoagie roll with cilantro, shredded daikon and carrot slaw, and slices of raw jalapeno pepper. Oh man are they good; the flavors are so unique, the heat from the peppers doesn't even bother your taste buds. I was eating the hoagie in front of my computer reading the news when one of the jalapeno slices almost fell out. I pushed the jalapeno back into the sandwich and kept munching. MMMM, boy.

Sandwich consumed, I began to peruse some of my favorite porn sites. One thing led to another, and I decided to take care of business. Pants around my ankles, I was quite a few strokes into that business when I noticed a distinct burning sensation coming from my member. Fuck! I forgot about the damn jalapeno juice all over my fingers! Fuck fuck fuck!

I jumped up and ran for the shower. Hot! Hot! Hot! Oh my God ohgodohgodohgod! I turned on the water as quickly as I could and jumped in. YEAAAGH! Torment; even lukewarm water was too intense to wash the burning oil off my poor inflamed dick. Ouch ouch! I kept placing my pecker under the stream of water, then jerking back and turning down the water temperature, all the while soaping up my region in a desperate effort to stop the burning. Finally, I got the water to the point where my dick was safe... but if any other part of me went under the water, I'd get hypothermia.

Serves me right. I feel better, now by the way.