Monday, April 05, 2004

Here's an interesting story from the Sydney Morning Herald. I've only seen it at one or two blogs (I got it at UnFair

US Apache helicopters sprayed fire on the private army of radical Shi'ite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr during fierce battles today in the western Baghdad district of Al-Showla, witnesses and an AFP correspondent said.

"Two Apaches opened fire on armed members of the Mehdi Army," said Showla resident Abbas Amid.

The fighting erupted when five trucks of US soldiers and the Iraqi Civil Defense Corps (ICDC) tried to enter the district and were attacked by Sadr supporters, Amid said.

Coming under fire, the ICDC, a paramilitary force trained by the Americans, turned on the US soldiers and started to shoot at them, according to Amid.

The soldiers fled their vehicles and headed for cover and then began to battle both the Mehdi Army and the ICDC members, he said. Their vehicles were set ablaze.

This isn't a good sign is it?
NPR is on, and no mention. Might be a little early though.
More on my mixed feelings about my Blackwater rant. It is true that the 4 "security contractors" from the Blackwater Corporation (mercenaries, as it were) who
were killed were paid far better and have better benefits than our own troops. Why are the US marines responsible for avenging the deaths of employees of a private corporation? Their job is tough enough without having to carry out a corporation's personal vendetta.