Sunday, April 04, 2004

I have particularly ambivalent
feelings about my latest rant about the 4 killed in
fallujah. I don't express myself well at all in that
rant. What i find so shocking is that people are
shocked by brutal behavior in a power/ security/
stability vaccuum. No matter what you think oft he
war, there is no denying that the iraqis have been
brutalized since 1968, and before: by the british
empire, by saddam hussein and baath, by sanctions,a nd
by war. this is not to excuse disgusting behavior,
but under enough stress, people fucking snap. The
same people who a few months ago were saying "we've
changed the rules to pre-emptive war" are wringing
their hands saying "how can you do this? there are
rules you know..."
The current situation just has me so angry, it's hard
to hold back when I get self-righteous.