Tuesday, April 13, 2004

I am in awe after tonight's press conference, and once transcripts are available, I will be posting selct gems.
But in a word, Mr. Bush seems to be losing his marbles.
The difference perhaps wasn't his standard delivery of catchphrases; it was rather that he was being asked real questions. For instance, after he dropped the now-standard line about "had we known airplanes would be flown into buildings" line, the follwo-up asked about the free trade summit in genoa, in which the skies were patrolled and antiaircraft systems were set up because of the threat of an attack.

Most odd, Bush rambled nonsensically for minutes at a time, like the crazy person in the back of the bus. To be honest, watching it kind of made me nervous. I'm not sure how well it played; guess we'll find out tomorrow.
He used "decepted" as a word: I believe this is some new past-tense form of "deceive," but I can't be sure. I will post more as the transcripts become available. But man, this was a turning point. Bush didn't come across as dishonest: he came across as totally fucking insane.