Saturday, April 10, 2004

The Whiskey Bar is becoming a favorite blog.

In Canary in the Mine, Bill (I don't even know this guy's real name), writes of Howard Fineman'ss recent criticism of the Bush administration, Fineman really is the proverbial canary in the mine. If he's turning, then Bush has probably lost the media whores. And if he's loses the media whores, then he will have finally burned through the toughest part of his teflon coating.

What's next -- a blistering critique from Cokie Roberts?

I know, I know: that's pretty far-fetched. But keep an eye out, particularly if Shrub's poll numbers continue heading south, because I don't think any media whore wants to be the last one off a sinking presidency.

This inspired me: someone should get a pool going. Who'll be the last to jump ship? Charles Krauthammer? George Will? David Brooks (josh marshall's calling him Baghdad Brooks)?

I think Jonah Goldberg will hang on until the bitter end. And what kind of end will that be?
Josh Marshall: update from a friend who's actually a security contractor. You've seen me get super critical and almost apathetic about the deaths of the mercenaries in fallujah. I still feel the same way: however, my feelings about private armies in no way negate my stronger feelings about eyewitness acoounts.

Countdown to Failure holds a lot of food for thought.