Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Just a quicky

Just a quick note to friends and foes alike:

I am so irritated with everyone and everything today, it is impossible to describe.

I am having custody arguments with my ex, and clashes about how visits with my boy will work out.

I miss my boy. the discussions about visits make me miss him worse. The part of the visit discussion that goes "we'll have to reintroduce him to you because I don't think he knows you anymore" is the worst of all. I will never ever forgive this as long as I live, nor will I forgive the comment "when you say things like that you're not scoring any points with me." Hey honey: I'm not interested in scoring points with you, but it's nice to know that you dismiss my grief. I didn't know grieving was out, but hey, what do I know? What was it you prof said? "Chase that ball, chase that ball..."

Finally, I learned yesterday that while I thought I was being nice, really I'm an asshole for not wanting my new best friend to hang out at my house every day.

That'll teach me to do anything nice for anyone in the future, I guess.
So pardon me if my attitude today kind of hovers around "Fuck you very much."

No comments on this post, because I'm just not interested in what anyone has to say. Get fucked!


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