Thursday, August 25, 2005

"Rathergate"? Try "Stupidgate".

I don't know how I got on this guy's email list (probably made a comment on his blog or something) but Mike Krempasky of RedState fame sent me a really tiresome rehash of the "RatherGate" story he flogged last year, over and over again. Only now he's after CNN. Hah. Like CNN actually carries news.


It's been a while since I wrote to you - but this came across my desk and I wanted you to see it right away. My friend Joseph Cella has begun a campaign patterned after Rathergate - at CNN. Read on to get the details, I highly encourage you to take action. We cannot give the mainstream media a free pass.


Mike Krempasky

TO: Mike Krempasky

FROM: Joseph J. Cella

SUBJECT LINE: Rathergate ... at CNN

Not so long ago, we watched one of the most outrageous instances of media bias arise during the episode now known as "Rathergate." You know the story....CBS News, Dan Rather, liberal biased producer, phony memos on President George W. Bush, run the story anyway.

Now wait until you hear about the latest instance of bias at CNN…

Recently, CNN agreed to air an ad for the group NARAL Pro-Choice America untruthfully attacking Supreme Court nominee Judge John Roberts, yet CNN has refused to air an ad featuring international humanitarian Mother Teresa, Foundress of the Missionaries of Charity, who lived her life caring for the poorest of the poor, transcending all religions and all classes of people.

We've been successful in starting Rathergate-like pressure on executives at CNN.

In less than one week, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that top CNN executives had received over 10,000 e-mails as a result of our campaign. CNN President Jim Walton reported that his e-mail box was overrun.

CNN continues to bob and weave but we are keeping the pressure on. As recent history has proven, when people like you and me hold the media accountable, we can achieve unexpected results. After all, Dan Rather doesn't anchor the CBS Evening News any longer.

Have you ever seen such a crock of shit in your life? "Rather knowingly reported fake documents" as if Kremapsky doesn't know that Rather was set up. What a fucking

My response, which I wrote as a kind of enraged Lazlo Toth follows.


#1: who are you?
#2: why are you sending me this dogshit?

what the fuck do i care about your gay-ass little conspiracy? who fucking cares about dan rather or cnn? and what does mother theresa have to do with anything? she's dead!

is this some lyndon larouche or right to life bullshit? I tell you stupid assholes EVERY FUCKING DAY to stop bugging me in the subway. jesus fucking christ.
You're all a bunch of fucking lunatics. You belong a busy intersection, scrubbing windshields.

Sign one fucking petition and every goddamn fucking political weirdo comes out of the woodwork.

Dan Rather and Mother Theresa, good fucking grief. Why not include DB Fucking Cooper, The Trilateral Commission, and the Smurfs for good measure? It's a fucking veritable orgy! Dan Rather fucking Cokie Roberts in the ass with Max Cleland's missing leg, while, I don't know, Ariel Sharon and Madonna are plotting with the Iranians or something.

GAH. You fucking suck. Take your rathergate or whatever, stick it up your fucking stupid fat living-in-your-mom's-basement ass and don't write to me anymore. Take a bath hippy. Or redneck. whatever you are.

Send it to ANSWER or some other commies, i don't give a fuck. just leave me out of it.
stupid fuck.


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