Friday, September 09, 2005

Two Poems for Falafel

I wrote a poem about the falafel sandwich I ate for dinner last night at a place call Maoz Vegetarian before the bad gig:

Last night I ate falafel,
This morning I feel awful:
My guts are tied in knots,
you can bet I've got the trots.

If you are eating breakfast,
I hope this does not spoil it,
But it's just 11:30
And I've made 4 trips to the toilet.

Up and down, up and down
nothing getting done.
I would write a little more,
but now I have to run.

Amy sent me one in response:

I too am taut with bloating!
This broad's no more promoting
Maoz falafel. Why? It's gassy.
It's not fit, nor pert, nor sassy!

I have hid mine gas
beneath the sheets upon my lover's bed.
But when he gets in, oh what a wind!
descends upon his head.

Oh, poo.


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