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Caspar Weinberger: Nothing to See Here

Has anyone else noticed that there's no detailed
mention of Iran Contra and Weinberger's role in the
scandal in the NY Times or Washington Post obituaries?
All we're offered, in each obituary, is the same scant 8 words, missing the word "a" or "the" for that matter:

"Caspar W. Weinberger, who served in the Cabinets of both Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan and was central figure in the Iran-Contra scandal, died Tuesday at the age of 88."

Got that? "Was central figure in the Iran Contra scandal."

Beyond that? Nothing. Not one word about what the scandal meant, or how George Bush Senior pardoned everyone involved days before Cap went to trial. Not one word about the people slaughtered in Central America thanks to "central figure in the Iran Contra scandal", or how some of the other major players like John Poindexter and John Negroponte are
mAjor players in the current Bush adminsitration (with Negroponte back on the death squads beat, and Poindexter the designer of Total Information Awareness). No, nothing to see here.

From wikipedia, and no not a single mention of this is in the Times or Post obituaries. Down the memory hole we go...

Though he claims to have been opposed to the sale on principle, Weinberger participated in the transfer of United States TOW missiles to Iran during the Iran-Contra Affair. By 1987, the disclosure of the Iran-Contra Affair and increasing difficulties with Defense budgets weighed on Weinberger. When he resigned on November 23, 1987, Weinberger cited his wife's declining health as the reason, but the press speculated that he was unhappy with the prospect of a successful conclusion of a U.S.-Soviet INF arms control agreement. He specifically denied that he was opposed to the INF treaty, scheduled to be signed in Washington in December 1987. In fact, he took credit for proposing the substance of the treaty early in his term at the Pentagon.

Following his resignation as Secretary of Defense, Weinberger was placed under indictment by Independent Counsel Lawrence E. Walsh. The formal indictment charged Weinberger with several felony counts of lying to the Iran-Contra independent counsel during its investigation. Weinberger received a Presidential pardon from President George H.W. Bush on December 24, 1992, just days before his trial was scheduled to
begin. It was thought by some that the purpose of the pardon was to keep Weinberger's diary, which was said to have contained confirmation of President George H.W. Bush's knowledge of and involvement in the Iran-Contra Affair from being introduced as evidence at trial and therefore becoming a public record that could be used against him.

When I was coming of age, there was a band called MDC, which stood for "Multi Death Corporation, Millions of Damned Christians, and on one particularly visceral and relevant album, "Millions of Dead Children," which included the song "Death of a Nun":

Death of a Nun

There seems to be a problem
The people won’t behave
They seem to fear our power less
Than what’s beyond the grave

The clergy won’t preach
All the doctrines we ask
We’ll have to round them up
So we can take them to task

We’ll blame the guerillas for what has been done
Burnt church of Jesus, the death of a nun

The church has preached resistance
For what the poor hold dear
Stronger than the army
We sent to instill fear

A US torturer, designed just for you
Agony guaranteed, they know what to do
CIA assassins are coming with guns
The people will mourn for dead priests and nuns
Kill with no mercy, men and women of the cloth
Ineffective martyrs for the God they brought forth

Is their retribution only time will tell
Agents don’t believe and the people live in hell
We’ll destroy their faith
In their God and his son
A plain wooden casket destined for a nun

We will not compete
With religious belief
Burn the church, kill the priest
Leaven them in grief
Unlike their saviour they’ll die with no cross
Shown their mortality they’ll know who is boss

Destroy their faith in their God and his son
Show what we will do
For our power and money
A blood spattered habit Amen
The Death of a Nun

This is what the Iran Contra money funded. Death squads in Honduras, Nicaragua, and El Salvador. Nuns raped and murdered by thugs trained at Fort Benning, the so-called "School of the Americas". "I was deeply disturbed to learn of the death of a great American and a dear friend," said former Secretary of State Colin Powell. "Cap Weinberger was an indefatigable fighter for peace through strength. He served his nation in war and peace in so many ways." He sure did, Colin, he sure did.
This is shameless revisionism on the part of the Times and the Post. Shameless.


Blogger somegirl said...

like you say, nothing to see here, move along.

y'know when i the whole iraq debacle started (anew) i was listening to a lot of the clash and i kept thinking how much they were just doing in the middle east now what they did back in central america in the eighties.

and the war criminals will all be pardoned again (if they are ever even investigated which is in doubt) and 20 years from now another a-hole will be singing their praises when they die.

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