Saturday, March 25, 2006

Execute Them or Imprison Them For Life

Wendy says, of the South Dakota abortion ban, "y'know i'm really starting to think it shouldn't be repealed, and let's just let the showdown happen already."

I agree. The penalty for murder in South Dakota is the death penalty.

To my pro-life friends: you have argued, time and time again, that abortion is murder, the deliberate killing of innocent life before it even has a chance to be born. Now is the time my friends to stand up for your beliefs. In South Dakota, there is no exception for rape or incest victims. Have some balls: print your name and email in my comments and tell me why you support the death penalty or life imprisonment for women who obtain abortions. Manslaughter is not an option: abortion is always premeditated. Believe me, I know: three of my friends and one girlfriend had abortions, and all of them thought about it for days, agonizing over the consequences, weighing the pros and cons. Just like a common killer.

"She's a victim too" is no argument in South Dakota, including those abortions that aren't the result of rape or incest. Indeed, most of you argue that in situations in which rape or incest is not the cause of the pregnancy, the pregnant woman is choosing to kill the fetus for no reason other than that she doesn't want to have a baby. And though she doesn't wield the cannula or curette herself, by your ideology she's the equivalent of Manson, conspiring with others to kill innocent life.

You cannot have a crime without a penalty, and prosecuting only the doctors makes no legal sense when it is the woman who is guilty of hiring the doctor to kill the unborn baby. Otherwise, you might as well let Manson out of jail: he only ordered the murders, he didn't actually do any of the slashing.
Seriously cats, defend this.


Blogger Tim said...

Can we get some postnatal abortions out of this deal?

Whar's that comic strip I sent you, Squirrelly?

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