Thursday, March 30, 2006

Now Is Not the Time for Speculation

Via the All Spin Zone I lead you to this link at Occasional Epistles of of Grace and Peace, where Mac Ice writes of the Mary Winkler case,
There has been no shortage of speculation about Mary's motive, no shortage of commentary about Churches of Christ, no shortage of commentary about "conservative religion" and no shortage of rumors and baseless speculation. This hurts as well. Any time people you know and love are in the spotlight, in this kind of light, it is difficult. Any time your church is scrutinized, fairly or unfairly, it is difficult.

I don't know Mary's motive, but this isn't the time or the forum for me to add to the speculative discussion. Neither am I interested in getting into theological, sociological, or psychological discussions. This isn't the time for that. This is a time to hurt with the hurting, grieve with the grieving and pray.

Unfortunately Mr. Ice, your statement that "now is not the time for speculation" has been permanently waived by your comrades in Christ.


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Sorry about your friends the Winklers, but Evangelical Christianity forfeited any special treatment last year.

And believe me, I'm speculating a lot, especially about whether Pastor Winkler liked to play "hide Daddy's salami" or something ugly.

Not so fun when you're on the receiving end, is it?


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Terri said "Feed me?"

Really? Wow! I didn't know she could do more than make involuntary motor movements. I guess that could include passing wind of the vocal chords, thus creating moans and low level murmurs.

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