Saturday, April 01, 2006

My Country Stations

107.3 FM WRDV, Warminster PA: Fridays from 7-10 with Jack Boland (prefaced by the 6-7 Polka Party!)

1170 AM WWVA, Wheeling West VA Saturday nights, and one of the nation's oldest stations, country or otherwise. I don't like their weekly daytime or evenign programming, which is nothing but Rush Limbaugh and Christian Fundamentalists, but Saturday nights are a pleasure.

92.1 WVLT, Vineland NJ: Sundays from noon to 3:00. The Sally Starr show. The music is sometimes cheesy, but Sally Starr is a wonder to listen to. At 89, maybe even 92, she's a relic of Philadelphia's radio past when American Bandstand was broadcast from 46th and Market, when the Geator and Jerry Blavat were as hot as Howard Stern, and god bless her she's out of her mind.


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