Wednesday, April 26, 2006


I started lifting recently. Not huge weights obviously, but about two weeks ago I maxed out by doubling what I had already been doing, and that's become my standard weight. I do three sets of 10. The effect has been noticeable: my biceps are bigger, my delts more prominent. My chest is still struggling, but since I never had much of a chest to begin with I suppose that's natural. Also, my beer belly offsets whatever chest I may have developed. Wendy told me about calf lifts tonight, they will be added to the regimen in the AM.

When I get myself up to six sets of ten at this weight, I'm going to max again. The pools open in about a month, and I'm back on my bike. I'm going to trade it in soon, but before then I may get the back wheel replaced. I need a mountain bike frame, but with drop bars, a road/touring crankset, and a road/touring set of gear on the rear wheel. It's gonna take some time to get together.

Anyway, it's late. bed now.


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