Monday, May 22, 2006

Sam is Visiting

Sam is visiting this week! I'll have new pictures posted sometime later.

We worked on the deck yesterday, went on a walk around the neoighborhood, and dug some new flower beds on the back yard. This weekend, I'm taking friday off and we're going out to New Jersey to visit my parents. Sam is also talking a lot more, and coming very close to complete sentences. He's also a lot bigger. It would be nice if his mom sent me photos when he's gone, but there are a lot of other things that would be nice that I don't get either, so what else is new?

I am VERY happy he's here. This does not, however, do anything to alleviate how bad I feel 90% of the time. Ten days (or less) every other month, including the driving days, amounts to nothing more than tantalizing crumbs. It's a tease, and a cruel one that manipulates my emotions. I will not be satisfied until I get my week every single month.

This trip I drove even farther than usual, all the way to Lake George, NY. It was about 12 hours round trip. His mom is taking the train to Philadelphia on Monday, and flying home Tuesday morning. I am driving them to Port Authority in NYC, where they'll pick up a bus to LaGuardia airport. I find myself aghast that she can raise the money for a flight but is adamant that she can't afford to get a license (even at the high price exacted for the privilege in Canada). The license would free her from depending on her parents or discount airfare to get Sam to me... or is that the point? And before you tell me I'm being paranoid or suspicious, consider the past three years.

Wanna cast any bets that Sam won't make it to Wind Gap Bluegrass festival with me in June? His mom said it wouldn't be a problem, but somehow I doubt he'll be there.

All things considering I'm STILL feeling pretty fuckin' bitter right now.


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