Sunday, November 09, 2003

Finally, I have a chance to do some blogging. I will dispense with tour stories today because I also finally got a chance to read my common cause update, my moveon update, my news from Howard Dean, and wonde rof wonders, I got to read talkingpointsmemo.

A prayer:

Oh God, Dear Jesus, Dear Jehova, whoever the fuck you are up there.
I know you answer your followers prayers, and dear God, I want to be a follower. Yet I, like Thomas in the Bible, need a sign. My faith is weak o Lord, and I need a sign to keep going.
Lord, please smite the Republican party with mouth cancer. They lie and lie and lie so much, it is unsightly in thine eyes. Sweet baby Jesus, please heed my prayer. Give Dick Cheney painful cancer, the kind that can only be cured by amputation. Make Richard perle's entire anal tract rot away with your Blessed Cancer. Give them all cancer!