Friday, April 23, 2004

Been about week since I blogged. Melissa and Sam are in town from Canada, and I've been occupied.
She's out watching the hockey game (actually, she shoulda been home by now), so I have some blog time.
This site just about says it all for 2004.

The New York Times, at least today, is WAY off the reservation, as we can see by two op-eds by lefties Ryan Lizza (who really ain't all that left) and Josh Marshall (who kinda sorta is; Marshall, by the way, publishes talkingpointsmemo, one of my favorite sites). This is on the heels of resident Bush critic, Paul Krugman, who has a fine editorial today, and a scathing leading editorial, "The Real War." These come a day after yesterday's brutal "Which Powell Is Which?"

Yes, you can say "Well, it's the New York Times," but their stance on Bush has been wishy washy at best.

So anyway... there's an entry. I'll write more in the week to come. I promise. not that anyone is actually reading this shit....