Monday, May 03, 2004

Ever heard the expression, "payback's a bitch"? It's clear the Philly Daily News has.

Just days after Sinclair Broadcasting (and major Bush supporter) CEO David Smith refused to show Friday night's "NightLine" (which listed the names and faces of American soldiers who've died in Iraq) on the grounds that such coverage constitutes a "political agenda designed to undermine the efforts of the United States in Iraq." Atrios has more about Sinclair's recent history, including forcing employees to take loyalty oaths to the Bush administration. The word "rabid" comes to mind.

The Daily News is a tabloid nespaper, much like the New York Post or the Bostob Herald. Splashy covers, peppy headlines, and of course crusades. I'm willing to be the PDN has more crusading columnists than any other paper. There's the Urban Warrior. There's Joe Sixpack. There's the Stinkmeister (he keeps tabs on the various corners, alleyways, and subway stops where Philadelphians have been known to make number 1 and number 2.

The most recent campaign mounted has been a crusade against prostitution. Too many johns have been invading too many neighborhoods, and.. well, it's fucking disgusting is what it is. Used condoms littering parks; sleazy characters cruising through residential neghborhoods; prostitution adds nothing good to the 'hood.

The Philadelphia Daily News has,therefore, been publishing the names and photographs of the johns arrested for soliciting, whether convicted or not. Yes, I know, this probably isn't too kosher, especially if you've been mistakenly accused. And I don't really approve of what they're doing.

Writing for the Daily News, William Bunch offers a tidbit from Dave Smith's past in "Naming Names" (you may have to register to read it).

You can see where I'm going with this I hope. Yup: Sinclair's CEO got arrested for solicitation, driving down the freeway with his pecker lodged down some whore's esophagus.

Sure it happened in Baltimore; sure it was almost ten years ago; sure it has nothing at all to do with "to air or not to air; that is the question." But you know what? Payback is a bitch, and thank God for people like William Bunch who brazenly and gleefully point the finger at hypocritical scumbags like Dave Smith.