Tuesday, October 05, 2004

I turned into someone I'm not today. I feel sick.

I got a bulk email from some right-wing cause: it was some dumb ass jihad against Dan Rather. I suppose you've heard the news, that Dan respected-news-journalist Rather got duped on some documents about george "it's hard work" bush's failure to show up for national guard duty in the 1970s. Never mind that there's already evidence that Dan was duped by GOP Hatchet guy Roger Stone. Let's just consider that george Bush himself has admitted his Iraq evidence was a bit... faulty. But hey.. that's just me,a nd the guy is allowed to have whatever opion he wants.

For some reason, I felt like a dick today and I sent him back an utterly rude email for no reason other than to be a dick. You know, fuck him, he's some dick head republican, fuck him. And then he wrote back and it escalated. Andf then I wrote back and it escalated. and so on. I visited his blog, and made a totally unnecessary rude comment about his family on his message board. And then it escalated some more, until i left work today.

For the rest of my day, it weighed on me. I just felt, and still feel, dirty. Not for getting in an argument with some right-wing fuckhead who sent me unsolicited e-dosghit, but because I crossed a line: there was no need for me to have said the what I said, and all in the name of partisanship.

I write this fully aware that the right wing never got to where it is today by apologizing for being offensive, but I can't help feeling like a turd for getting caught up in the 2-minute hate myself.
I'm disgusted by the level that things have come to in this country. It's foul.


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