Thursday, November 18, 2004

Well, it looks like I've had to do away with comments for awhile.
A very bored person, who I think is probably Jim Mathews mentioned in an earlier post, has showed up to troll me. And so, instead of dealing with his inane comments (especially when no one else comments here, does anyone read this except me?) I've turned 'em off. i think. Blogger doesn't seem to have responded, but oh well.
In the meantime, this unfortunate sap calls himself "Robert Zimmerman" and "Robert Johnson." What's especially funny is that this blog hasn't really dealt with politics in a LONG time. I mean, what with people like atrios, dailykos, and allthe other truly awesome sites out there, adding my voice to the cacaphony accomplishes little. I'd rather write about things like my kid, the People Paper Poetry, and of course publish emails here.
I don't think either of the inspirations for his pseudonyms would care for him: Robert Johnson would surely have cut whitey open with a rusty razor.
Anyway, Bobby as I'm calling him can be found at Drop him a line if you get a chance. You can also probably find him at, and since they're probably one and the same. aAd if not, well, Jim needs some harassment anyway, he's a royal asshole.
Oh and Bobster (should I say Jim?) don't email me at my yahoo address. I've already complained to yahoo about you and blocked you as a spammer.
And on that note, I'm going back to cooking dinner.


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