Friday, December 03, 2004

Back In the Kitchen Again

... back where a knife is your friend,
Where Fryolater oil
Fuels your zits and boils,
Back in the kitchen again.

Prepping and chopping once more.
Is it two tablespoons or four?
Oh, yes a quarter cup,
I guess I fucked that up,
But nobody will notice that's for sure.

I'm back in the kitchen after a five year stint at writing. I never minded cooking for a living; it's a great trade, moderately tedious, that doesn't pay well enough. But now that I'm getting back in the swing of things, I'm pretty psyched to be swinging a knife again. Two nights ago, I nicked a finger nail, and the night before that I dripped some hot oil on my thumb. I say this only because I noticed it. In another few weeks, my hands will be callused and scarred from nicks and burns I won't have even noticed. I'm already getting used to lifting heavy objects again. It's preferable to sitting on my ass all day.

When I was working Mexican in '96, this dyke used to call me "The Ant" because I was so skinny but could lift things that looked twice my weight.

I don't mind the work. It's a nice feeling banging saute pans around, setting up sandwiches and platters. I never stopped cooking even during my five year hiatus. Julienning peppers, chopping romaine, peeling potatoes? All good. Grilling burgers, roasting chickens, making salads? All good. Eating all fucking day for free? ALL GOOD! Today I ate garlic bread,a small salad, some fresh cut french fries, a small cup of homemade jambalaya, and a locally made chicken-feta sausage with some more salad.

I wrote the previous three paragraphs earlier this week. since then, I've added two new cuts that have no clear origin. My hands smell like garlic and bleach.

At the risk of sounding like a Dungeons and Dragons geek, it's nice to feel the heft of knife again. I'm hoping a seond job that I've applied to pans out. It's a day prep/ catering position, lots of sandwiches and deli platters.

I was never able to adjust myself to the slow pace of office work, nor have I ever been able to adjust myslef to blogger's bad habit of sometimes being unable to publish, leading to entire posts being deleted but hey who am I to complain?

The point is, or rather was, that the food service industry attracts more weirdos, art farts, musicians, and professional failures than any other industry. My next few posts will be food service related stories.


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