Friday, August 12, 2005

LTE: LA Times Misidentifies Malkin

In your otherwsie excellent article, "Mother's Protest at Bush's Doorstep Raises the Stakes" you misidentify Michelle Malkin as a blogger.

While the loathesome and odious Ms. Malkin indeed has a blog, she is better known for her career as a syndicated newspaper columnist, carried in papers across the nation. Malkin appears weekly in the Philadelphia Daily News (which is a stain on an otherwise fine newspaper), the Baltimore Sun, and others. The majority of Malkin's income comes from her syndicated columns. Comparing her to bloggers like Duncan Black (, Markos Moulitsas (, or Mike Krempasky ( is unwarranted.

She's a columnist, not a blogger. Please get it straight.
Brendan Skwire


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