Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Dick Durbin Has To Step Down as Whip

I have said it before and I wil say it again: DICK DURBIN, the CRYING BABY, needs to turn over the post of minority whip to someone who can make a difference. Who is that person? I don't know.

For that matter, where was the leadership with regard to Alito? At DL tonight Martin told me that Reid was up front that he didn't have the votes for a filibuster, but you know, if I was a leader, I wouldn't accept that, especially not with a reliable whip. So what's up with this whole "no leader, no whip, no strategy" thing? Explain, please. Kerry did a brave thing, and the people who supported him were fucking awesome. Where was the leadership trumpeting our brave opposition?

For that matter, where was MoveOn, True Majority, and the rest? Sure, i got a bunch of "Gee Bad Luck Stand Strong For Next Time" emails after the fact (twice today from MoveOn) but not one email in the weeks and months beforehand. Hey thanks for your sympathy guys, but you know your leadership would have helped. I sign all those things you send me. Where the fuck were you this time making a stink?

If the Washington Post is to be believed, the Dems were out of town in the weeks before the ALito hearing, and thus strategy was... well, nonexistent. This was attributed to Leahy if I remember. Someone's gotta send me the refernece. Why is that? Why did the leadership drop the ball on a matter as important as a Supremem Court nomination? Especially this one?

If I was a leader, I would do like the Republicans did when they were the minority: I would toss red meat to my base and say to my whip, "well, you'd damn well better get me the votes. and you'd damn well better make sure it plays well in the press."

Reid is an OK leader: he would make a better whip. What we need right now is a good whip. Durbin's not that guy. As I've posted at various other sites, you never once saw Tom DeLay or Newt Gingrich cry because the Democrats villified them. Not once. In fact, they revel in the rage they inspire on the left. We need someone who can stick it right in the GOP's eye (no pun intended), in a way that empowers our base. The dems need a Howard Stern.

Dick Durbin and Harry Reid are not Howard Stern. Durbin's not even Imus.


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