Thursday, January 26, 2006

Open Letter to Verizon

My name is Brendan Skwire: I use verizon for my
landline and dsl, and use a verizon wireless
cell-phone. To be honest, the service has been
mediocre at best (outside of Verizon dsl's customer
service which has been excellent).

I am writing today about your advertisements on
MSNBC's Hardball television show. In the past few
weeks, host Chris Matthews, who purports to be an
objective reporter, has been lobbing unfair
allegations about democrats on his show. Specifically,
he has suggested that we are in cahoots with Osama bin

I assure you all that as a former Boy Scout (first
class), a homeowner, a citizen of this fine country,
and a democrat that I do not have any love for mr. bin
Laden. I also assure you that I am deeply offended
and angered by Mr. Matthews' comments, and when I
received word of a boycott of companies I was
delighted to jump on board.

Mr. Matthews needs to apologize to his viewers for
this slanderous mischaracterization. The president's
current approval rating is 36%: does Mr. Matthews
believe the majority of Americans are traitors in
league with bin Laden?

If Mr. Matthews does not apologize with a week, or if
Verizon does not pull their ads from his show, like
many others I will be dropping ALL of my business with
Verizon. Cavalier telephone offers lower long
distance; Comcast and Urban Cable Works offer internet
service; and cellphone companies are a dime a dozen
these days.

Verizon should do the right thing: drop your ads on
Hardball until Matthews and save me (and your bottom
line) a real pain in the butt.

I await your prompt and courteous response to this
important matter.

Brendan Skwire


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