Saturday, January 21, 2006

Management Note

An aside to friends and readers: A few of my recent posts have been fairly over-the-top in terms of personal anger and angst. In some areas, I believe I have succumbed to my own feelings of self-pity: for instance, it is not true, as I stated that I do not know any women who have been left by their men. In fact, I know quite a few. There are probably a few other extreme mischaracterizations I could mention...

In any event, my health insurance card finally came this week, which means I can get some long-overdue counseling to help me deal with everything that's transpired over the past few months/years.

Please pardon any hyperbole you've seen here recently, with regard to my family and personal emotions; but don't expect therapy to make me Mr. Sweetness-and-Light either: it's not like I don't have surplus of bile or targets at which to spew it.

And with that, I'm off to the brew supply store: brown ale number 2 gets underway tomorrow afternoon!


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