Monday, January 09, 2006

Gone Again

There is something missing.
There is something missing here.
I know what it is,
But I can't feel it yet.

I am cleaning today,
Vaccuuming, dusting,
Putting away the toys for next time.
The remains of Fun Trick Noise Maker
Bang Snaps rattle up the tube.
Something is missing here,
But what I feel is presence

the presence of absence,
dead-air tv
no reception hum,
background snow.

Something is missing here.

We marked the solstice two weeks ago,
But this time of year it always gets darker earlier,
constant crepuscle,
Regardless of season:
It's quiet again.
Something is missing here.
I am remembering the laughing
and something is missing here
I am remembering taking care
and something is missing here
and I am saying things like "Fuck" and "Shit" again
and something is missing here.

He's gone again and
There's nothing to do
But do those same old things I used to do because
He's Gone Again.


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