Thursday, January 19, 2006

In Which the CityPaper Takes Christine Flowers to the Woodshed

This is very funny.

Cardinal Sins

I know it's fashionable to bash Catholic priests, but the vicious attacks that Brian Hickey leveled against the clergy via his fictitious clerics (deviants all) just fan the flames of anti-Catholicism and indicates to what extent your paper is willing to be a sycophantic mouthpiece for the so-called progressive secularists out there in readership land [Philly Blunt, "Bearing True Witness," Jan. 12, 2006]. I'm frankly sick and tired of having my faith ridiculed by every columnist (lapsed Catholic or not) who thinks it's fun to use "pervert" and "priest" (or variations thereof) in the same sentence.

Christine Flowers
Via E-mail

Hickey responds: Unfortunately, the clerics referenced in the column weren't fictitious; their stories were taken directly from the District Attorney's grand jury report on clergy abuse.

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