Thursday, January 12, 2006

Sam's Birthday is Today

Sam's 2nd birthday is today.
This will be the second birthday I've missed, and probably not the last. As you may suspect, I am in a BLACK mood today, reflecting on the past two years, and the past four months in particular, ever since the knife was slipped, so cleanly and quietly, into my back. "Nothing personal; it's just business, and I got a better offer."

There are a number of people I extend a wish to on this special day (I think you know who you are), and that wish is "Nothing but the worst for 2006; I wish you failure, loneliness, and misery. I hope nothing turns out the way you planned; I hope you lose your jobs and can't get unemployment. FUCK YOU."

I am to call Sam tonight at his grandparents' house. I don't want to do this, since it means I will have to talk to the grandparents, or at the very least hear them celebrating in the background, gloating over my misery, and talking shit about me behind my back the way they always do.

So yes, Melissa would like me to call tonight, but I won't, I can't, do it. I'm not going to have my face rubbed in it like some kind of cur. Maybe it's a Hobbes Choice, but if the choice is "be miserable" or "be miserable in front of people who thrill to my misery" I would rather be miserable on my own terms, and on my own. I'm certainly not going to spend it in the virtual company of those who make me miserable.

Happy Birthday Sam. Everyone else can kiss my ass.
[Note to atrios visitors: I don't do a lot of politics here. Scroll down for the Flowers brouhaha...which is really kind of minor and silly in the big picture.]


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