Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Drinking Liberally Reminder

Just a second reminder that I probably won't be putting in an appearance at Drinking Liberally this week. Three weeks ago, I was too depressed from the Alito confirmation to participate. Two weeks ago, I had a recording sessiong with the Jangling Sparrows. This week, I am going to Wilmington Delaware to play bluegrass music at the 4W5 Cafe.

I've needed to play some bluegrass and old-time for awhile now, what with my exit from the Flat Possum Boys and the general lack of old time and bluegrass in the Philadelphia area. I'm hoping the scene in Wilmington will be fresh and inspiring. Here in Philadelphia, everyone's stuck on "What Have They Done With The Old Home Place" and the rest of the canon from "Bluegrass 101", with little to no interest in learning the more obscure songs I prefer.

So probably no Drinking Liberally tonight (although I may poke my head in on the way out of town: the Tangier is convenient to 95). My friend Wendy gets back into town next week though, and I'll definitely be attending then.


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