Friday, February 17, 2006

Open Letter to NARAL

Hello NARAL:

I am appalled and angry about your latest emails to me, "98%: Something We Can All Agree On", about the importance of protecting birth control access, followed by yet another pitch for money.

If my money is so important, how come every single one of my emails about your failure to stop Samuel Alito were answered with form letters? For that matter, why
did you give Lincoln Chaffee, Olympia Snowe, Arlen Specter, and the rest of the so-called "pro-choice republicans" a pass on the Alito nomination?

This was a fight we could have won, and not only did NARAL completely drop the ball, you had the audacity, ON THE SAME DAY ALITO WAS CONFIRMED, to send out a crock-of-crap "Better Luck Next Time" email that asked for (what else?) more money. For what? So you can sit on your duffs and tell Lincoln Chaffee what a great guy he is for voting against Alito after he guaranteed the guy would get confirmed with his vote for cloture?

I've signed countless letters on your organization's behalf; attended marches with my family; and God only knows how much money my family and I have given to NARAL for the cause of reproductive rights, only to have NARAL let us all down when we needed your
leadership. You lost Roe, so now I'm expected to follow you into the breach with my commitment to...birth control?

What I DO know is this: you will not get ONE. THIN. DIME. Not one dime out of me. I'm going to invest my money in coat hangers instead, since there's going to be quite a market for them in the near future, thanks to your failure. I don't just mean the failure to stop Alito: I also mean the failure to take responsibility for your screw up.

Well, you screwed up, and screwed up big time.
Go to Hell, NARAL. Enjoy the Middle Ages.

Brendan Skwire
Former NARAL member


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