Thursday, February 16, 2006


Blogactive, a site I just love because of its dedication to outing hypocrites, has a good piece about the DSCC's knife if Paul hackett's back. Really worth reading, it's a simulated transcript from Meet the Press, November 2006, pointing out what will certainly come up in Republican rhetoric: you can't trust the Dems on security, because look what they did to one of their own, and a veteran at that!

Good stuff, and quite true. I know that I have personally scaled back what I give to Democrats to about $0.00. As a matter of fact, the DNC called me last week asking for a donation. I asked why the Democrats couldn't stop Alito. The guy hedged the question. I got angry and began peppering him with questions, none of which he could answer satisfactorily. "This is Howard Dean's organization I'm calling from," he kept saying. Well, not exactly: it's the DNC, which Howard Dean happens to chair. As in the Democratic Party itself, not some associated group. I didn't give him any money. I told him not to call back. I told him to ask Samuel Alito or someone from "the gang of 14" for a couple of bucks, and hung up the phone.

As 2006 heats up, I will be getting calls from oh-so-many political organizations?
NARAL will not get one thin dime.
The DSCC will not get one thin dime.
The DNC will not get one thin dime.

You want to sell out your partymembers on important issues, that's fine: just don't keep asking us to keep you afloat, motherfuckers.
Start winning a few, and maybe I'll consider.
This is ALSO more important than whether Cheney was drinking malt liquor or cough syrup before shooting his acquaintance in the face with a shotgun.


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