Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Keg System

Commenter Ryan (hey man, I need your email!) writes " Steve & I have been talking about a carb. system too. Maybe we can team up on some of the parts..."

I've been thinking about this since reading your comment. Your standard forced carbonation system has three major components: a cornelius keg (the 5-gallon cylinder style used for soda); a CO2 tank; and a regulator. Since we would each need our own regulators and C02 tanks (I live in West Philly, Ryan is in Northern Liberties), the only place we might be able to split the investment would be in the kegs.

I'm not sure how much you're producing: I think my last post gives an idea of how much I go through. I would probably wnat at least 5 kegs on hand. Of course, the whole brewing rhythm might change if we invested in kegs. Instead of brewing every weekend, transferring, and wasting godawful amounts of sanitizer and labor on cleaning and capping individual bottles, I would only brew when a keg went dry. How long does it one or two people take to drink 2 and a half cases worth of beer?

But yeah it's worth discussing the logistics. Like if we could get a reduced rate for a larger quantity of kegs or something. All I know is bottling is bringing me down.

That said, time for a beer!


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