Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Beer Update

Brown Ale number 1 is almost gone. A beer that started out with low expectations because we used too little malt extract (3.3 pounds instead of the typical 6.6 pounds) matured into a VERY tasty beverage, with a really prominent chocolate malt aftertaste.

Brown Ale number 2 is almost gone as well. Brown Ale number 3 is pretty smooth.

IPA number 1 is already really tasty after only a week in the bottle. IPA number 2 is ready for bottling, which will be accomplished Friday or Saturday.

We transferred the raspberry ale just the other day. When we had poured the wort into the primary, I strained out most of the berries. I was disappointed to see recipes later on in the week that argued in favor of leaving the berries in the primary, but upon sampling the green (as in "immature", not the hue) beer before racking, I am glad we strained. The flavor is very winey, but not unpleasant. LOTS of yeast sediment in the trub, which means that the next ale should ferment in about 2 seconds.

On a related note, I'm getting quite a hunk back from the IRS, which means I can get a few more tattoos.

I'm thinking about getting barley sheafs and hops somewhere on my body.


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