Thursday, March 09, 2006

Lazy Bastards

One sure way to recognize an over-the-hill comic is the laziness of the cartoonist.

I mean, just look at this complete SHIT offered by Lazarus, Davis, and the fucknut who "draws" Drabble.
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Never mind that the jokes are nonexistent, these guys are just phoning it in. That whack over the head Drabble (is that his name?) gives to his kid (oh, the humor of child abuse) is just weak. I'm half-coinvinced Brad Davis does all of the Maramduke panels for the year in one long, alcohol-and-oxycontin-saturated weekend. Why does Momma have unfettered access to her adult son's bedroom? Does he still live with her?
That can't be true, because in past panels, she's opined that he never visits.
Fuckin' Francis can't win for losing.

OTOH, Alvarez's foot fetish or no,
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I really want to nail Yenny.

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Preferably doggy-style.
[more later, 5:00 PM and heading home]


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