Thursday, March 09, 2006

Open Letter to McGill (Yet-to-be-Sent)

Dear Mr. Barrett:

My name is Brendan Skwire. My ex-girlfriend, Melissa Macintyre, is your Assistant Coach for Men's Track and Field at McGill University. You were the gentleman who, in August 2005, made Melissa a scholastic and career offer she couldn't refuse if she would turn down the graduate program she had already entered at the University of Pennsylvania. Your offer included a coaching position on the track team; free classes and tuition at the University; and a job in the department so Melissa wouldn't have to work outside of school. While Melissa and I had some problems in our relationship, your offer was a pivotal point that tore our small family apart and robbed me of my infant son. I have harbored a deep and abiding resentment toward you and the institution you work for ever since.

My resentment turned to outright anger three months ago when Melissa informed me that you had in fact welched on the job offer. Currently she is covering her expenses (beyond my meager contribution of $300/month to child support, which I can barely afford) by waiting tables at a local restaurant. This dishonesty on your part is unacceptable and odious. You should be ashamed of yourself.

Furthermore, Mr. Barrett, it was brought to my attention that, even though coaches salaries are determined by performance, Melissa is making less money than those male coaches her team is outperforming. Could you explain to me why this is so?

At 2:00 AM this morning, March 9 2006, Melissa called me after work to ask for advice. It seems you left a message for her that criticized her for missing the past two practices, and suggesting that as a result she was disinvited to coach at the CIS Nationals this weekend. Melissa explained to me that because of her performance at her waitressing job (the job she took because you and the University failed to keep your promise to her), she had been promoted to management and was working double shifts to get certified. I told her to call you as soon as she got off the phone with me: I hope you enjoyed your 2:00 am phone call as much I enjoyed mine. This behavior on your part is amazing and appalling.

Mr. Barrett, why did you destroy our family and take advantage of this young woman's good nature only to break your promises and threaten her career? Melissa and I broke up as a result of your offer, and your betrayal of her interests is amplified by the fact that you knew we had a baby together.

When Melissa returns from the Nationals, I will be advising her to get a lawyer. I believe she has your promises in writing, and I will advise her to file a sexual discrimination suit.

Please be advised that although Melissa and I are separated, I will support any and all efforts she makes to bring you and McGill University to heel.

Mr. Barrett, professionalism prohibits me from using the various terms that apply to you. None of them are particularly flattering.

Brendan Skwire


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