Thursday, March 09, 2006

Hang 'Em High

At last, the warmongers are prepared to face the facts and admit they were wrong

It has taken more than three years, tens of thousands of Iraqi and American lives, and $200bn (£115bn) of treasure - all to achieve a chaos verging on open civil war. But, finally, the neo-conservatives who sold the United States on this disastrous war are starting to utter three small words. We were wrong.

The second thoughts have spread across the conservative spectrum, from William Buckley, venerable editor of The National Review to Andrew Sullivan, once editor of the New Republic, now an influential commentator and blogmeister. The patrician conservative columnist George Will was gently sceptical from the outset. He now glumly concludes that all three members of the original "axis of evil" - not only Iran and North Korea but also Iraq - "are more dangerous than when that term was coined in 2002".

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I am not a supporter of the death penalty, but all of these people should be hanged by the neck until dead. None of this merciful "put the knot on the side so the neck snaps on the way down" shit: these guys deserve to hang, choking and gasping out their last breaths as their faces turn black and their tongues loll like purple boils waiting to burst.

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William Buckley, liar.

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Andrew Sullivan, useful idiot.

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George Will: pontificator, ponce, peckerwood.

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Francis Fukuyama, Intellectual Heavyweight, who managed to get it wrong anyway.

The war on Iraq, spuriously justified by the supposed threat posed by Saddam's WMD, was the test run of this theory. It was touted as a panacea for every ill of the Middle East. The road to Jerusalem, the neo-cons argued, led through Baghdad. And after Iraq, why not Syria, Iran and anyone else that stood in Washington's way? All that, Mr Fukuyama now acknowledges, has been a tragic conceit.

Like the Leninists of old, he writes, the neo-conservatives reckoned they could drive history forward with the right mixture of power and will. However, "Leninism was a tragedy in its Bolshevik version, and it has returned as farce when practiced by the United States."

Who among these men will pay for their folly, for this betrayal of the American public? Remember these faces: these are the faces of liars and criminals, the best and the brightest who have grievously, if not mortally wounded their country. Liars and thieves.

The fact, however, remains that future Bush policymakers who signed the PNAC nine years ago are now mostly gone. Paul Wolfowitz, the war's most relentless and starry-eyed promoter, has moved on to the World Bank, silent about the mess he did so much to create. Richard Perle, leader of the resident hawks department at the American Enterprise Institute think-tank here, has vanished from the scene. Lewis Libby meanwhile has stepped down as Vice-President Dick Cheney's chief of staff, to focus his energy on staying out of jail.

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Lying criminal, and gourmet, Richard Perle, who sent thousands to their deaths and hundreds of thousands to come back blind, insane, and mangled.

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Lewis "Scooter" Libby, who exposed an undercover operative and betrayed his country in the service of his boss, the vice-President

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Paul Wolfowitz, nose-picking architect of the War, who promised a "cakewalk", and claimed "no history of sectarian tensions" in a country as artificially held together as Yugoslavia was under Tito. Currently head of the World Bank.

We live in an age of extreme irresponsibility,where the only ones who have to answer for their crimes are the poor and the weak. We punish women who are raped by forcing them to bear the attacker's child; we send young men and women to prison, ruining their lives, for the crime of smoking an unacceptable plant; but when the powerful send thousands to die, no one does anything. But when the leader of the country fails to protect one major city from a terrorist attack and fails to protect another from an oncoming hurricane, and boasts about breaking the lvery laws he swore to protect and defend, no one does anything. The Presidents partisans cheer ever louder, as the opposition chooses to cower, cavil, and collaborate.

Leaderless, rudderless we ply onward toward the rocks.
We will deserve it when our ship of state sinks.


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