Wednesday, March 22, 2006

How to Tell When You've Won a Debate with a Right-Winger

They drop the subject, without any admission that they were wrong or have been bested.

Which is what happened in an email debate with my friend in N. Carolina who stated, in reference to Abdul Rahman, the Muslim who converted to Christianity, that "Any Muslim who doesn't believe that this guy should be killed really does not believe in Islam."

It's just not true. Yes, SOME Muslims believe that, but many do not. The same way that SOME Christian sects believe that homosexuals are going to burn in Hell, and many do not. Or the way that SOME Jewish sects require their women to wear wigs or headscarves, and many do not.

I stand against fundamentalists of all stripes. And I stand for religious tolerance as well. If you want to defend freedom of religion, you must also defend freedom FROM religion.

And God Bless Thomas Paine, although Tom himself would kick me in the ass for saying so.


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