Monday, March 20, 2006

Comics Abuse

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Mike Patterson's 5-year-old wants him to give her a french kiss. One question: what the hell happens when she walks in while Daddy's taggin' Mommy doggy style?

And here's Sunday's Yenny strip. And I DO mean "strip".

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I think I need to go to the men's room for a few minutes...

OK, I'm back. I'd also like to mention Yenny's well-detailed cameltoe (or is it simply bulge?).

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Alvarez doesn't so much draw his characters as his pen pretty much leers over them slobbering and pawing. And I'll bet for $50.00, he'll send you all sorts of pix of Yenny in various states of total nudity, instead of the softcore stuff he draws for the funny pages. I have this distinct impression that Alvarez's desk is covered with unusable pix of Yenny covered with stains that still have that whiff of fresh jizz.

And speaking of the men's room,

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...does anyone really need the image of Ziggy hunched over the bowl, his face contorted in pain as he deposits the 8th burning hershey-squirt in as many minutes?
Not me.


Blogger Brendan said...

please not the clearly delineated cameltoe in the upper right panel. The white short-shorts.

It's as smutty as the American Apparel ad in the backof last week's Philly Weekly, the "Deep V" ad...

1:07 PM  

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