Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Cease and Desist Letter Due Any Day Now.

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I just couldn't resist. What with Arlo and Janis doing it on the sofa (Arlo keeping a Norelco in the nightstand for that late night cunnilngus session as well), Ziggy marrying his pets, Michael going for a late night quicky while the kid's got a fever, it was time to address Yenny, which is SUCH a dirty strip.

And pseaking of dirtiness, Lynn Johnson DOES know that "freakin'" is a pretty thin cover for "fuckin'", right?

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When Dr. Patterson bought the car a week or two ago, inquiring into how fast the vehicle would go, Lynn's script read "It goes like a bat," awkwardly dropping the "out of hell" part. The only reason I can surmise for the omission of last three words is because "hell", used in this manner, is a mild curse.

But it's OK to say "we're freakin' flying?" [Don't get me started on "fried" as an expletive. "Fried" refers only to the feeling you get after 11 or more bong hits, and has nothing to do with being stopped by the police, unless of course you're Tookie Williams.]

Next week: April refers to Elly as a "frikkin' c-hole".


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