Monday, July 03, 2006

Brendan Calling Is Now Officially Open For Business

The blogroll isn't up yet, the presentation needs a little work (I have some photos fready to go, but these are small matters
More important is the fact that my archives are now fully imported and established at Brendan Calling (dawt cawm). I finally feel... at home. I feel at home at my new site. Thanks SO much to Chris from Booman Tribune and Rowhouse Logic. Dude, you kick ass and I owe you beers pretty much forever.

Thanks to Chris, there will be no more posting here at blogger, which as I have said numerous times in the past can suck my balls. Literally, just take those lovelies in your mouth blogger and kinda gargle them. Oooh, not so hard, you're not eating them. Yeah, gentle just like that. Yeah, lick that scrotum, lick it blogger. And don't forget the taint!

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I'm outta here. Everyone else, click on Stewie to visit my new digs.