Wednesday, November 09, 2005

White Phosphorus Used as a Munition in Fallujah

And while I'm on the subject of Joe Biden, let's keep in mind that he voted for this war, which has produced the following atrocity.

I normally avoid "what he said" blogs, but this is too important.
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Earlier this week, Italian TV aired a documentary alleging the US Army had used white phosphorus as a munition during the siege of Fallujah, which the DOD promptly denied.

While white phosporus is used to light up the sky during night-time raids, it is banned by the Geneva as a weapon against civilians. It is easy to understand why: it pretty much everything within a tenth of a mile of the explosion. It literally melts the flesh right off the bone, and worse, is very difficult to put out because, like nickel, it reacts to air.

It came out today, at Daily Kos, that the DOD lied: in fact, the Army's own publication, Field Artillery Magazine details the use of white phosphorous on Fallujah, which as we all know was a dense urban area with a largely civilian population.

Click on the photo of the baby, below, to go to Ray's blog which has a lot more information regarding what I believe may be a war crime. I apologize for the graphic picture, but then you might as well see what your tax dollars are paying for in Iraq.

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[Yes, this IS a baby]


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