Thursday, October 27, 2005

A Better Idea for David Broder

Today in the Washington Post, David Broder opines, "It is not hard these days to find intelligent critiques of the budget policy and fiscal record of the Bush administration. Conservative and liberal think tanks alike grind out fresh analyses of the risks in the chronic refusal of the Republicans who govern the country to pay the bills they are amassing here and overseas."

So far so good. Broder's remedy? "Democrats need to help clean up the Bush Administration's fiscal mess by considering Social Security reform and cuts in
entitlement spending." [This is the lede to the piece, printed on the Post's Op-Ed page.] After this, he goes on a long explanation about how people need to listen to the DLC, the right wing of the Democratic party that sucks up to big business. These are the people who brought you Joe "I heart Republicans" Lieberman, and the people who enthusiastically supported the Bankruptcy Bill, which attacks the working class and the poor, and for which there is no constituency outside of MBNA, Citibank, and Capital One. When it comes to opposing Bush, the Republicans, and Big Business, the DLC has been little more than Vichy France, selling out labor, the environment, and the poor. The DLC candidates lost BIG TIME in 2000 and 2004. They have very little support among mainstream Democrats, and in fact attack progressives, most notoriously by putting the kibosh on Dean's candidacy.

"Help clean up the Bush Administrations fiscal mess"? Bush's entire career is made up of people cleaning up his fiscal mess, and enough is enough. If anyone is obliged to clean up Bush's fiscal mess, it's his supporters in the Republican Party: this is THEIR mess. Why should the Democrats be left holding the bag?

Make no mistake: Broder is spouting the corporate line here, but anyone who claims to be a Democrat who is still willing to bargain with the GOP is out of his or her mind. It's not surprising that Mr. Broder would take this position: after all, as a career pundit at the Post and as a frequent commenter on the television, Broder has made out quite well thanks to Bush's tax cuts, certainly a lot more than the rest of us who got our measly $300.00 checks in the mail.

I have a much better solution to offer than selfish Mr. Broder about rectifying our financial house: repeal Bush's insane tax cuts, which have drastically
reduced the revenue stream. It's simple and easy.

Perhaps it's time Broder change his nickname from "the Dean" to "the Shill".


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