Thursday, November 03, 2005

Arctic Wildlife Refuge

For a long time, I have been against drilling in the Arctic Wildlife Refuge, for all the well-known reasons: it's our last true wilderness; there's not that much oil; the oil won't be online any time soon, etc.

But I have changed my mind. From recent articles in the New York Times, the AP, and science journals all over the world, the arctic is melting due to global warming. Alaskans are losing their homes as the tundra turns to mud. Caribou migration patterns, if they have not already been affected, will soon change. Animals will die out. As the earth warms, more methane will be released into the atmosphere, worsening the problem. There is, at this point, nothing to be done about it.

So what the fuck is the point of not drilling there? It's already a fucking mess, thanks to political intractibility on the part of the very same oil companies that want to drill there and their bought-out enablers in the Congressand the White House. I mean, if someone's already pissed all over your new carpet, what's the point of getting mad if he wipes his ass on it too? It's ruined either way.

So go ahead America, go ahead Republicans! Fulfill your dreams of squeezing just a couple more bucks out of an industry that grows more obsolete by the day. Fuckers.


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