Monday, February 13, 2006


Brown Ale #1 has a really strong chocolate malt aftertaste after one week in the bottle.
Brown Ale #2, bottled last night, is already a little carbonated even without the priming sugar.
Brown Ale #3 has another week in the secondary.

Pale Ale #1, which will be a little on the dark side due to the color of the crystal malt, is already pretty peppy; we transferred to the secondary last night. I don't think there's going to be a full 5 gallons from that batch. We used Irish moss (a seaweed based gelling agent) as a clarifier, and got a big chunk of trub on the bottom.
We also got a massive yeast slurry, so whatever pale #2 turns out to be, primary fermentation is going to take no more than 4 days.

I really need to invest in a keg system if I'm going to brew this much. I go through WAY too much sanitizer cleaning bottles, almost a cup, where I'd need less than a quarter cup to do three kegs.

My 33 pound jerry pack of malt extract arrived last week.

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