Thursday, March 23, 2006

Done with Attytood

I am no longer visiting Attytood, and I'm removing it from my blogroll. The administrator allows right-wingers to spread lies, and when someone like me proves through emails that the right-winger in question is lying, my posts are deleted and I'm threatened with being banned.

It's a bit of a long story. A one DB Cooper and I had a truce in which we agreed to debate civilly and honestly with each other. During this truce, Mr. Cooper attempted to deflect my criticism of the Bush admisnitration's mishandling of the disaster by stating that a barge had broken the levees, not the storm itself. When I asked him,politiely and in the spirit of comity, for articles backing this up, he failed to respond for three or four days. When I told him the truce was off since he'd blown smoke up my ass, he sent me an article in which Jesse Jackson, of all people, was saying the Army Corps of Engineers had it all wrong and that a barge had broken the levees. Not only is Jesse Jackson the only person saying this, the idea that a self-described conservative Republican would be citing Reverend Jackson, a bete noire who is routinely decried by the entire conservative movement, is a sign of clear desperation.

I was away from Attytood for some time after that: the commentary there is awful, and there is only so much one can take. I think the writers at the All Spin ZOne would agree. But I returned a week or so ago, and found Mr. Cooper spreading the same lies. When I called him on it, he said I was crazy, said he had already answered the question, and that I hated him. Unfortunately for Mr. Cooper, aka George Connor, I had the emails to back it up, and posted them. This brought on a case of the vapors from the staunch rock-ribbed WATB (whiney ass titty baby). And it brought on an admonishment from the administration.

I ws told that posting personal emails is a violation of policy and netiquette, no matter how germane to the topic. That's the first I've heard that personal emails are a violation of netiquette, and I've been blogging a lot longer than the administrator. Also, here's their comments policy:

...but not with racial slurs, potentially libelous allegations, obscenities or other juvenile noise. Such comments will, at our discretion, be deleted in their entirety, and repeat offenders will be blocked from commenting. ALSO: Any commenter advocating killing any government official will be immediately banned.


You'll note nothing about personal emails.
Will Bunch is a good writer, but his right-wing commenters get away with murder with no redress. If I'm not allowed to use everything in my arsenal to destroy someone's bullshit, I'm not interested.
So fuck that.
Sorry Will, and unlike Mr. Connor who ends each week by threatening to leave and never return, I will continue to be honest. In other words, when I say I'm gone, I'm not coming back.


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