Friday, April 07, 2006

Abortion in El Salvador is a crime

Abortion in El Salvador is a crime. This radio piece is worth listening to. No protections for rape, incest, or the life of the mother. A woman with an ectoptic pregnancy must carry the baby to term, ntialing the "explosion" (the reporter's words not mine) of the fallopian tubes.
"They carry "abortion equals murder" to its natural endpoint."
Indeed: women who obtain an abortion are charged with aggravated homicide and receive sentences of 50-60 years. When a doctor discovers signs of an abortion, irregularities around the uterus or vaginal canal, he is legally bound to report it to the police. Her vagina is inspected by a "forensic vagina specialist". Anyone who helps the woman is charged as a an accomplice, including family members.

This is the natural result of what people like my friend Byl want, although they would deny it til the day they died, and change the subject to the fate of the fetus or the criminality of the doctor (in fact, Byl and I emailed about this a few weeks back, and he dropped the subject after bringing up the latter).

In fact not one of my male pro-life readers has ever once stepped up to the plate and explained what punishment is appropriate for a woman who obtains an abortion in a world in which abortion is banned. Only a woman commented and she reffered to the women as "accessories" to murder. Sure, and so was Manson, right, because he didn't actually wield the knives? WRONG: Manson was guilty of murder in the first degree.

The fact remains: you cannot have a crime without a punishment. If abortion is murder, then a woman who obtains an abortion is by definition a murderer and no different than Charles Manson or Sammy the Bull.

Again I ask: what is the appropriate sentence for a woman who murders her fetus. It's gotta be life in prison, or execution. None of this "they're victims too" nonsense: see the previous paragraph.

And for the love of God, listen to the audio link above. Chilling and horrifying.


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